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Waterproof Deck Of Card


Type: Plastic Cards

Type: Normal

Tabletop Game Product: Card Cover

Minimum Player Number: 1

Maximum Player Number: Unlimited

Material: PVC

Game Length: 0-30 minutes

Game Difficulty Level: Primary

Brand Name: QzeUpwardSpirit

Attribute Two: Plastic Waterproof Playing Cards

Attribute Three: 24K Gold Playing Cards

Attribute Six: Board Game

Attribute Seven: Plastic Gold Foil Poker

Attribute One: Magic Playing Cards

Attribute Four: Gift Collection

Attribute Five: Moisture-proof Card

Attribute Eight: Casino Exclusive

Age: >12 Years

Size: about 5.7 * 8.8 cm / 2.24 * 3.46 inches


1. Luxury gold leaf poker playing cards

2. The surface is treated with high-quality gold foil and deep embossing.

3. The clear three-dimensional pattern and various particles make the refraction texture sparkle like gold.

4. It has a high degree of flexibility, durability, scratch resistance and water resistance. I won't fade

5. Not only has artistic value, but also can be used as a gift for friends.

6. A set of 52 + 2 cards

7. It is packed in an attractive golden box.