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Casino Crown POKER Poker Chips Set With Aluminum Suitcase & Table Cloth


is_customized: Yes

Name: Poker Chip Set

Model Number: PKC-CPAL

Material: CLAY

Chip Weight: 14g

Chip Material: Clay

Brand Name: goodeasy

Box Material: Aluminum

500PCS Aluminum Suitcase Set Weight: 8.9kg

400PCS Aluminum Suitcase Set Weight: 8kg

300PCS Aluminum Suitcase Set Weight: 5.7kg

200PCS Aluminum Suitcase Set Weight: 4.2kg

100PCS Aluminum Suitcase Set Weight: 2.8kg

  • Chip Size:40x3.3cm
  • Chip Weight:14g
  • Chip Material:Clay composite with inner metal

  • 100pcs/set:white-red-light blue-green each 25pcs
  • 200pcs/set:white-red-light blue-green-blue-black-purple-yellow  each 25pcs
  • 300pcs/set:white-red  each 50pcs ; light blue-green-blue-black-purple-yellow-pink-coffee  each 25pcs
  • 400pcs/set:white-red-light blue-green-blue-black-purple-yellow  each 50pcs
  • 500pcs/set:white-red-light blue-green-blue-black-purple-yellow-pink-coffee  each 50pcs




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